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Intervista Esclusiva - "Peter Talks about Metropolis" Part 1

Intervista Esclusiva - "Peter Talks about Metropolis" Part 2


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Peter Cincotti
Interview with Peter Cincottim - one of the most recognized, American jazz vocalists of the last decade, made ​​on the occasion of the release of his new album "Metropolis".

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Interview with: Peter Cincotti

Peter on & Wyw_peter-cincotti_0506e01b9a4676

- Your new album is titled "Metropolis". The same title of the opening track album ...

- The album title comes from the title of the song. This work is very important to me because summarizes several years of my work on this album. Besides, it is important to me also that I composition "Metropolis" as one of the best I've ever written.

- It's your most diverse album. There are both pop compositions and maintained in the style of jazz and rock. I ask this because you're known primarily as a jazz artist. And then you went in a completely different direction.

- This time, it came naturally. I felt the need to change and refresh my music. In their own way, "Metropolis" is a continuation of my previous album "East Of Angel Town", which were also pop songs ...

- I agree. But there were no tracks in the style of "Metropolis" and "My Religion," which sounds like something removed from the charts of the eighties. And this is not a complaint on my part ...

- Yes. However, keep in mind that people know me from different periods of my work. Some are familiar to my first, and while others like "Goodbye Philadelphia" which is a classic pop song from my last album. You know, I do not think about music through the lens category. When I compose, write down everything that comes out of my head. This time, I listened to a lot of different music, from pop and rock to jazz and soul. And it can be heard on the album.

- Do you live in New York. Does the city have an impact on your work?

- I think that New York affects primarily to the fact that I am a person and an artist. City to have its impact on my musical development. So everything that I make is in the part of the metropolis. At least the background of my songs.

- Do you like the world's cities?

-I like, but none as much as New York (laughs)

- Between "Metropolis" and thy previous album "East Of Angel Town" was five years continuously. What have you been doing then, in addition to working on a new album?

- First of all, a lot of composing. I think those 5 years to be the most creative period in my career. Not only worked on the music for "Metropolis", but also, for example, I created for the musical in two acts, for which I composed 12 tracks. Musical has been issued this summer on Broadway. In addition, I developed my vocal and instrumental skills. I had to find a new record label, and one year devoted almost entirely to the search for the right producer, which would co-operate in "Metropolis". I am glad that I finally came back with a new album. And when I look at the past, I believe that these 5 years is not so much (laughs)

- Where do you get inspiration for your lyrics?

- For a variety of sources. Texts often appear suddenly in my head when I did not expect. Sometimes I go to bed after a day of staring at a blank sheet or computer screen, and suddenly, when I fall asleep, I get my head ready text. Then I sit down to the computer and I'm all, sleepless night. Generally, my lyrics come from observations of people on the streets or from overheard conversations. Some texts are memories of situations that I witnessed.

- You mentioned nothing of musicals. But you have also to his credit some film experience.

- Yes, I performed in the biopic "Beyond the Sea," a very popular in the 60's singer Bobby Darin. I really enjoyed working on this film, because I learned a lot of things related to the film industry. For me it was a completely new experience, but does not bind his career with the film.

- Wystąpiłeś also in a cameo in the movie "Spider Man 2" ..

- To me there to see, you would have to stop the movie. You can see me for 2 seconds (laughs)

- You also have to account performance in the White House.

- Yes, when I was 12 years old. The White House took place in a celebration of the Navy, and I performed a short recital. It was during the presidency of Bill Clinton. I thought you might join me and I will accompany the saxophone, but unfortunately did not show up (laughs).

- What are you planning for the coming months?

- First of all, I want to go on a tour. We will definitely be in Europe, and it is likely that I will return to Warsaw. Do not even think about the new album, but certainly burn it before it will be another 5 years (laughs).


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October 10 will be a new album of American jazz pianist and singer Peter Cincotti " Metropolits ".

Young ambitious, whose work attracts our attention, the artist often compared to Chet Baker and Frank Sinatra. The new album, which waited until 5 years! the 12 songs from the border blues, funk, jazz. Cincotti is a class "in itself", the disc does not lack great melody that enriches the vocal artist. In conjunction with personal texts creates music rich in emotions.

A must for lovers of jazz music library and smooth jazz.

1st Metropolis
2nd My Religion
3rd Do or Die
4th Take A Good Look
5th Nothing's Enough
6th Magnetic
7th Graffiti Wall
8th Fit You Better
9th Madeline
10th World Gone Crazy
11th Forever And Always
12th Before I Go

Peter on & Cincotti-Metropolis

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